Energy Smart Generation by Unatec using Carriots

The Problem

Energy generation and management, when not optimized, severely damages the results. If costs are not closely controlled or the production is not predicted accurately, profit can be dramatically diminished or even lead to losses. It is therefore mandatory for energy producers to optimize the management to maximize profitability.

The Solver

With a 10 year experience in consultancy in Energy Solutions, Unatec ( launches its own product Energy Smart Generation in 2014. The use of Carriots platform to develop resulted in a very short time to market (6 months) and hence great savings in costs of development.

The Solution

The system uses different prediction services and compare them using Carriots to increase forecasting accuracy. The prediction model receives feedback to continuously enhance accuracy in the energy offering calculation. Production breaks (scheduled or not) are included in the predictions.

A customized set of KPI's is permanently tracked and displayed in real-time graphs to compare production with predictions and generate customized performance reports, budget tracking, plants comparison and cost reductions.

Energy Smart Generation by Unatec using Carriots - Architecture

The Team

Carriots M2M Platform provides integration capabilities, fast development of custom applications and easy device deployment. Local partners are key for field interventions. Hardware partners provide different tools.

Energy Smart Generation by Unatec using Carriots - Team

The Benefits
  • Deviations and energy quality parameters are controlled in real-time avoiding penalties with sensors linked to the smart metering system, firing alarms via SMS or email.
  • A local SCADA connection monitors the internal parameters and analyzes the generated big data to prevent outages and technical issues.
  • Maintenance is scheduled at optimal times using prediction and production data along with the energy price.
  • Intervention tasks management is more efficient and power plant managers are permanently informed.
The Customers

Energy Smart Generation by Unatec is already running on large operators of Renewal Energy Plants such as CETASA EOLICA or Gas Natural Unión Fenosa.

Energy Smart Generation by Unatec using Carriots - Customers

  • " Carriots was the perfect partner to launch Energy Smart Generation as it shortened our time to market to develop and test the product and later on proved to be a reliable partner to support the product in our key clients."

    Raúl Gil García, Business Development Manager at Unatec

The Result