Pozuelo Smart City based on Carriots City Life

The Problem

Pozuelo de Alarcón Council wanted to be a Smart City. Nowadays, the cities have the challenge to improve and optimize their resources. Also the citizens demand from the different administrations to make an effort to achieve more clean and efficient cities. The goals to achieve: protect the environment and decrease the energy used and reduce CO2 emissions, detect and correct any excesses in water consumption or in light spoilage, and also to control the expenses.

The Solver

Carriots City Life:

Carriots City Life is our IoT plataform that works like the city brain: collects data through different sensors or information reported by the citizens and mixes it all to better manage the municipal services.

It's a cloud platform that allows collect, integrate, store and analyze all the city data with a global vision.

The Pozuelo de Alarcón Platform runs with the services of our partner Orange España, as connectivity provider.

The Solution

The Pozuelo de Alarcón first step to be a reference in Smart Cities has been 4 proyects integrated in the platform of Carriots:

  • Smart Irrigation in 11 public parks and gardens, a network of humidity sensors make the irrigation system more efficient and saves water consumption.
  • Smart Parking in 970 parking spaces with information about free spaces through a mobile app.
  • Smart Street Lightings, the intensity of light can be adjusted to weather conditions or the presence of citizens by integrating other data sources and sensors within Carriots.
  • Energy Eficiency in the Council with more than 150 points collecting data an providing recommendation to facility managers.

Pozuelo Smart City - Dashboard

All the data is managed by a dashboard where municipal services can take their own decisions in real time.

The Team

Carriots City Life, our IoT plataform run with local actors and the services of our telecommunications partner Orange España. For example, in the Smart Street Lightings proyect, there are Schréder-Socelec's sensors and Afeisa y de Arelsa help us to manage remote control modules for electric cabinets.

The Clients

The Pozuelo de Alarcón municipal services and also their citizens who has the benefits of the improvements.

The Benefits

The decrease CO2 emissions, now citizens have the information about free parking spaces. Savings in the receipt of the street lightings and the reduction of the light pollution. More efficiency in the irrigation of the public gardens and also for the flora. Savings in the Council and better efficiency in the use of public resources.

The Result


In the next video our telecomunications partner Orange España, show how the systemn works: