Connect your Devices
Step 1 - connect your Devices
Connect any type of device

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Collect Data
Step 2 - collect data

Send your data to Cariots using our REST API

  • Use our HTTP RESTful API to push and pull XML or JSON data.
  • Simple and fast! You only need a web connection.
  • Secure: Apikeys, checksums and HTTPS
  • Any kind of data! Temperature, complex sensor lectures, custom data streams, etc.
  • We store it in our NoSQL Big Data Base for you to use it
Manage Devices and Data
Step 3 - manage devices
Manage your devices 
Manage data
Build your app
Step 4 - build your app

Your app, your rules 
  • If-then-else approach with simple expressions
  • Full complex logic with Groovy scripts
  • PUSH and PULL strategies
  • Build your complete control panel over Carriots REST API in any language
  • Integrate your IoT data in external data flows or interact with other things/systems
We run it!
Step 5 - we run it

Available, scalable and secure IoT


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