Carriots Provisioning Protocol: Provisioning Devices Via Carriots Control Panel

You can provision your devices manually via the Carriots Control Panel. This could be the case when you are testing a few devices or getting in contact with our platform for the first time. This should never be the case when you are managing a net with 20 or more devices.

Anyway, the steps to provision a device in Carriots via the Control Panel are:

  • Accessing the Carriots Control Panel by logging with your credentials at
  • Click on "Devices" under the label "HIERARCHY" on the left menu in the screen.

By default, there is always a device already created called "defaultDevice". Click on "New Device" below the devices table to open the form in order to create a new device.

  • Default device list

Fill the form and click on "Create Device". Your new device will be created and provisioned with the data you supplied.

  • New device form

For more information about device data please go to Device Inner Status documentation.