Carriots Provisioning Protocol: Provisioning Devices Via Carriots REST API

You can provision your devices manually via the Carriots REST API in a similar way as mentioned in the document "Provisioning Devices Via Carriots Control Panel". This should never be the case when you are managing a net with 20 or more devices.

You can use curl, "Poster" like tools or any script in your prefered language to interact with Carriots API. For this example, let's use the Carriots API Console

The steps to provision a device in Carriots via the REST API (using Carriots API Console) are:

  • Device management in Carriots API Console
  • Click on the option "POST - Create Device", at the beginning of the table.
  • Device creation in Carriots API Console

Each field to be filled has a green icon on the right side of the field label. By putting the mouse pointer over these icons, useful information about how to fill the field will be displayed.

Once all mandatory fields have been typed, click on the button "Send" and your device will be created.