By using the Carriots External API, you can access the files that you have stored in your Dropbox and get their URLs. Can you imagine the possibilities of this?.

We came up with the idea of making a stuffed toy, connecting it to Carriots and reproducing our videos from Dropbox in a screen (demo Domokun).

To use Dropbox with Carriots, the first step you have to do is link both accounts.


How to use


Dropbox files list

URL: http://api.carriots.com/external/dropbox/user/-- username --/
HTTP method: GET
Response: json/xml


Attribute Description
op (mandatory) Allowed values:
- all (returns all files)
- file (returns a single file)
- newest (returns the newest file)
- oldest (returns the oldest file)
mime (optional) Filter by MIME type
name (optional) Its mandatory if op = file
Filter by filename

Response codes

Code Description
200 Operation successfull
400 Request not valid
401 Unauthorized



For these examples we have 3 files (2 videos + 1 image) in a Dropbox account linked with Carriots.

Get all files URLs in JSON format
  • HTTP request

    GET http://api.carriots.com/external/dropbox/user/exampleuser/?op=all
    carriots.apikey: YOUR APIKEY HERE

  • Response
  • hurl screenshot
    • Get all files
Get all videos URLs in XML format
  • HTTP request

    GET http://api.carriots.com/external/dropbox/user/exampleuser/?op=all&mime=video
    carriots.apikey: YOUR APIKEY HERE
    accept: application/xml

  • Response
  • hurl screenshot
    • Get all videos
Get file URL named Domo-kun in JSON format
  • HTTP request

    GET http://api.carriots.com/external/dropbox/user/exampleuser/?op=file&name=Domo-kun
    carriots.apikey: YOUR APIKEY HERE

  • Response
  • hurl screenshot
    • Get Domo-kun file