Cool Projects

Carriots weather station open data

  • Carriots weather station
  • DAVIS wireless Vantage Pro2

Use: Carriots weather station open data feed

Description: Working on a Smart Irrigation project we decided to include some good stuff from our partners TST Sistemas. It was a weather station connected to Carriots providing environmental data used in our watering optimizations. It worked so well that we decided to put one on our rooftop to play with and invite our friends to do the same.

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Beer Flowmeter

Use: Business Intelligence for Beer Industry

Description: This project proposes to install a flowmeter between the beer barrel and the tap. Each time a beer is served the information is sent to Carriots. Then, all data is stored and pushed to external information systems to extract useful information by the smart Business Intelligence guys.

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1st Carriots Development Challenge

Challenge 1

Use: Make an Internet Stuffed Toy

Description: At we want people to create amazing new products by connecting simple objects to the Internet and creating applications for them on Carriots. In order to promote that vision, we are organizing our first development challenge open to anyone around the world. Imagine how an Internet stuffed-toy should be and create it.

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Domokun example

Use: Stuffed IoT Toy

Description: This project is a prototype of a stuffed-toy connected to Internet through the Carriots platform. When you push different Domo-kun parts, different actions will be run.

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